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thank you for taking time to read this for whoever does (:


As of right now for this first post I want to go ahead and just tell you about myself. My name is Daphne. I have an interest in telling stories and writing/typing about what goes through my head & my life. May I inform you I don’t have the best life but nor do I have the worst.

I was originally born in San Antonio, and then I ended up being fostered for I think maybe a year ( not to sure ) Although I was adopted as a child and now live in a good home with a great family. I have a total of 4 siblings and 2 lovely parents. My oldest brother name is Nicholas who we call Nick. As of right now Nick is 19 and has his own apartment and is out of the house. My second oldest sibling is Johnny who we call John. John is my only blood brother fully. ( Nick is not related to me in any way ). I also have a little sister who’s name is Tori. Tori is 13 and is half related to me & as well is my other little brother Stephen who we call Steve. Besides that, I felt like I should add that I am pretty young to start and have a blog but I believe anything’s possible at any age. I am currently 15. Being the age I am leads us to the fact that I am still in school. At this school I participate in athletics which therefore means I play sports. As a freshman this year I’ve played Basketball 🏀 I made the Varsity cheer team and for my first time I played softball 🥎. To wrap this all up I just wanna say thank you to anyone who took the time to read a little bit about myself I appreciate it very much . 💞